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Sartika Meilani  &  Ngakan Putu Suandi


Your local Dutch and English talking guides on Bali

Nature in Bali

a. Serangan Island:

This island is also known as Turtles Island. On this island are the TCEC this Institute was founded for the protection of the turtles that come ashore to lay their eggs here, this is desperately needed to prevent their extinction. Formerly the turtles were caught and killed for the meat and their eggs were sold on the menu as satay. Here we can admire the animals and their eggs in a protected environment.

b. Jimbaran:

This small fishing village is located just south of Kuta. It has a perfect beach where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset. Along the beach are probably the best fish markets of the whole of Bali. Directly from the sea on to your plate. Near Jimbaran lies on the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park a high Hill. Here stands a statue of the Hindu God Vishnu and the Holy Pahrayangan Somaka water source. Here you can also enjoy a magnificent view of the South coast of Bali.

c. Batu Bulan:

The Taman Burung Bali bird park, lies a kilometre outside the village and has an area of two hectares. This is a fascinating world of exotic sights and sounds. A collection of hundreds of the most beautiful bird species will greet you in a true tropical garden. You will also find here the Bali endangered species, with a breeding program to attempt to rescue their survival. The park also holds a range of rare reptiles where

You can freely walk between them under the supervision of fully trained staff.

d. Wanasari:

7 Km from Tabanan you will find the Bali Butterfly park. This is the largest Butterfly Park in Asia. In this lovely place to relax with the whole family, you can find and see the most famous Bird wing Butterflies, various young endemic species from all over Indonesia. Upon arrival you will see immediately the big yellow and black butterflies flit. In the middle of the garden are located cages with a variety of butterfly species. and also the most famous Bird wing butterfly. You can also learn about the effort to conserve them and before leaving call at the very special souvenir shop.

e. Monkey forest:

In Bali there are monkeys everywhere. In Sageh  Ubud and Uluwatu, are all the same kind of grey monkeys with a long tail and this intrusive dexterous critter can be very aggressive. In the monkey forest in Bedugul the monkeys are a lot milder than in many other places in Bali.

f. Tegalalang:

This is in the immediate surroundings of Ubud. Here you can enjoy the view of the most beautiful rice terraces that are planted against the slopes in a beautiful way.

g. Petulu:

Petula lies 6 Km from Ubud.  Try to get here around 16.00 when each afternoon around sunset times thousands of white herons return to their nests in the trees after  a long day of fishing in the paddy fields.

h.: Kintamani

This is located on the edge of a large crater with a diameter of 14 Km. In the middle is actually a small volcano Batur with the Lake Batur beside it. Centuries-old walls of rock surround all this and on the edge we find a place which is called Penelokan (means: place to look). Here we can enjoy the view and have lunch in one of the many restaurants.

i. Amerta Yoga:

This place is not far from Kintamani. Here we find a mini plantation where everything is grown, you can find cocoa, coffee, cloves, vanilla, cinnamon and ginger. Also here you can see how the process works in a traditional way especially how to make coffee. You also get the chance to taste various products.

j. Gitgit waterfalls:

At about nine miles south of Singaraja are these waterfalls. You will be surprised how beautiful nature is here. The waterfall is 60 meters high and the highest waterfall in Bali. After a steep walk on a rough surface and climbing many steps, you see the water far above you coming through the rock wall and overgrown trees. There is a small lake at the bottom where you can cool down. You can sit here with your feet in the water and enjoy nature.

k. Eka Karya:

This is a Botanical Garden, and is located near Tabanan spread over an area of 150 hectares. Here you will find a collection of 1,200 plant species. There are more than 700 different types of trees from all over the world, but you will also find 320 species of orchids originating from the whole of Indonesia. There is also a large collection of roses, cacti and medicinal plants. This is a place to enjoy the beauty of a beautiful garden.

l. Lovina Beach:

Lovina is located on the North coast of Bali. Here you'll find black sand beaches that go into the sea. There are dolphins swimming outside the reef at sea. Early in the morning almost every day you can see dolphins playing off the coast, you can go and see them with a boat if you prefer a closer look. It is a sea trip of approximately two hours to find the dolphins. It is also possible to swim with them for about 15 minutes.

m. Banjar:

This place is located in the North of Bali near Lovina. Here you will find hot water sources, the water contains sulphur that is healthy for the skin. Here one can take a bath in sulphurous water. In this environment are various Spa centres that can be visited.

n. Bukit Jambul:

This place is located approximately 8 km from Klungkung. It is known for a harmonious combination of hilly terrain, rice fields, valleys and a very beautiful sea panorama. At different heights are we able to witness the beauty of nature around us. This is also a special place to have lunch.

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