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Tips and shopping page + diving school link at the bottom of this page!

What can we are we going to do in Bali???

Most visitors to Bali want to go in or under water as soon as possible.  All kinds of water sports are available here. But on the land are also many possibilities!

a. Large-scale water fun at Waterbom Park in Tuban.

b. Driving on or watching an elephant in Bakas elephants home in Karangasem.

c. Attending as a spectator at a water buffalo race.

d. For an exciting trip go rafting on the Ayung River.

e. Mountain trips where you can climb one of the active volcanos - mount Batur (at least 4 hours)

f. Spectator at cockfights in Bali that are still taking part as part of a religious ceremony.

g. Kite contests taking place In Sanur and the windy Bukit Badung.

Bali Bubbles

Shopping facilities:

Bali is also a paradise for bargains from very cheap beach and holiday clothing to refined arts and crafts products.

This tropical paradise known for its thousands of temples also keep the name up through the many local markets, shops and stalls with a variety of merchandise. On the island of the gods you will also find super large shopping centres.

a. Batubulan:

Here you will find Batik fabrics, and this is also the Centre of the sculptured art.

b. Celuk:

This is the centre of hundreds of silver and goldsmiths. In every street you will find a small studio annex shop.

c. Ubud:

In this place are the arts and crafts stalls densely packed to sell their products.

d. Mas & Kemenuh:

These villages are well-known for their carvings and masks. Here we find in the main street a large number of workshops and shops.

e. Klungkung & Candikuning:

In these places you will find many great art markets. Selling all sorts of Balinese art from real to kitsch.

f. Kuta:

This is a city that resembles a city that we also find on the Costa del Sol. Here we find many large shopping centres, bars and nightclubs. This is a city with a vibrant nightlife. So very busy and not really Balinese. Definitely a must for the youth 16 +

Bali has one of the best diving environments in the world, because it is located on the connection between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, in the middle of the world's richest marine bio-geographical area.

Tika has already worked for quite a while with a very good Dutch diving instructor on Bali.

Dive Center Bali Bubbles is located in Candi Dasa, in the East of Bali. This is in the Centre of the most popular dive sites in Bali. Within 20 minutes from our dive centre we have more than 10 beautiful dive-places.

As a full service Dive Center we offer daily dive trips, dive-packages from 3 days and dive-safaris for longer periods.

Questions? click on the link and send us an E-mail.


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